This day workshop offers particiants the central concepts of the weekly workshop involved in the practice and theory of mindfulness and the richness of immersion.


For individuals and professionals whose busy schedules make it challenging to commit attending the recommended weekly workshop will find this option the best for them.


The workshop covers the principles and core techniques such as mindful breathing, sitting, attention, eating, and guided instruction in mindfulness practices.  It comprises an integrated sequence of exercises based on the general concepts of modern group-based mindfulness practices.  The workshop is a highly practical and with interative sessions to learn ways of applying simple and realistic mindfulness activities into everyday life to support wellbeing at work and at home.  The techniques are cognitive behavioural, evidence-based, and will be immediately useful and effective for your own practice.


Mindfulness is not something one can learn from just reading it.   Mindfulness skills is cultivated by practice.


Who can benefit from the Mindfulness workshop?

All mindfulness workshops are open to the public, and the teaching is non-sectarian (not connected or affiliated with any particular religious or political belief).  No prior experience in meditational practice or yoga is required. 


Mindfulness-based skills have become increasingly popular for wellbeing, health, clarity of thought, and work-life balance.  People from all walks of life attend our workshops as this self-management skills are used in a broad variety of settings such as community, workplace, business, management, healthcare, sports, educational, and psychology.  Reasons for attending are as diverse as enhancing quality-of-life, improving interpersonal relationship, addressing stress and anxiety, mindful leadership, finding peace, and parenting wisely.    The practice of mindfulness help us find clarity of mind, by allowing us to step away from habitual, reactive behaviours and respond skilfully rather than on auto-pilot.


In the experiential workshop, you will gain knowledge about cultivating mindfulness to help you to:-


  • Remain present rather than churning over the past or worrying about the future.

  • Respond to stressful events skillfully rather than react on auto-pilot mode.

  • Lower levels of unhelpful thoughts and feelings of worry, anxiety, and self-doubt.

  • Engage in more accepting behaviours without the assumptions and criticsm that misrepresent much of our experiences, and therefore become less judgemental.

  • Engage greater capacity for self-awareness.

  • Achieve more balance and confidence.

  • Understand how your own mind works.

  • Generate more calm and peacefulness in daily life.


Workshop Facilitator

The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Jessie Koh, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Connected Sense.

>> Mindfulness with Dr. Koh



The full program fee include:


  • Guided instruction in mindfulness exercises and practices.

  • Alteration between theory and practice sessions so that you do not sit long in any practice.

  • Assigned practices to enhance awareness in everyday life.

  • Individual reflection and group dialogues.

  • Gentle stretching exercises.

  • Instruction for home practice.


What else do I need to know?

It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable clothing for some mindful movements.  You may wish to bring along a yoga mat/cushion/blanket if you have one for lying down, but it is no essential.  Chairs are provided at the workshop.
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