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Mindfulness @ Dr. Jessie - a thoughtful approach to everyday actions

Mindfulness Private Sessions

Private sessions are designed to suit your schedule and specific needs. 

They are for those who would like a one-on-one session or for a small group that would like to engage us to commence the class.  We do not offer open (public) classes.

​​Mindfulness Facilitator

Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Expert, Dr. Jessie Koh, trained and worked internationally in corporate, psychology, and psychiatry settings.  She developed and delivered mindfulness workshops for the community at an Australian university clinic. In her work, she trained and supervised psychology doctorate students in her weekly mindfulness program.  Her most recent academic research focused on the effects and mechanisms of mindfulness on psychological wellbeing, and the assessment of physiological recordings of heart rate variability HRV (a proxy measures of emotional regulation) detecting changes at the autonomic nervous system level in response to mindfulness training.  Furthermore,  a research is currently - publication in review -  in collaboration with the university clinic.  Her engagement with various settings in Singapore included university, ministries, schools, regulators, and global companies from the banking, manufacturing, telecommunication, and advertising industry.


Dr. Koh is passionate about bringing science and practice of mindfulness in improving how we communicate, relate, and connect to generate wellbeing and success at personal and organisational levels.  Mindfulness sessions are designed to cultivate being in the present and to be engaged in every area of your life. Similarly, a practical evidence-based approach helps easy learning and seamless integration into personal life or workplace.


A mental health professional with an extensive corporate work experience, Dr. Koh adopts a collaborative approach of using language, analogies, and methods that translate mindfulness for the corporate audience.

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