Mindfulness is very much talked about these days that people are wondering what is mindfulness all about?


This Taster Session is suitable for those who want to investigate and experience what mindfulness is before deciding if it is something to explore further.  It is designed to be accessible to all people and no prior experience in meditational practice is required.


Taster Session can be extended to a half-day workshop leading participants to introduciton of key techniques. Therefore, allowing for more insightful integration of the basic learnings and the application of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is not something one can learn from just reading it.   Mindfulness skills is cultivated by practice.


Who can benefit from the Mindfulness workshop?

All mindfulness workshops are open to the public, and the teaching is non-sectarian (not connected or affililiated to any religious or political belief).


Mindfulness-based skills have become increasingly popular for wellbeing, health, clarity of thought, and work-life balance.  People from all walks of life attend our workshops as this self-management skills are used in a broad variety of settings such as community, workplace, business, management, healthcare, sports, educational, and psychology.  Reasons for attending are as diverse as enhancing quality-of-life, improving interpersonal relationship, addressing stress and anxiety, mindful leadership, finding peace, and parenting wisely.    The practice of mindfulness help us find clarity of mind, by allowing us to step away from habitual, reactive behaviours and respond skilfully rather than on auto-pilot.


Workshop Facilitator

The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Jessie Koh, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Connected Sense. 

>> Mindfulness with Dr. Koh


Program Outline

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Benefits of mindfulness on your psychological and emotional wellbeing.

  • Practical exercises to experience the fundamental principles and application of mindfulness.

  • Q&A session.


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What else do I need to know?

It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable clothing for some mindful movements.  Chairs are provided at the workshop.


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Mindfulness Taster Session

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